Who can benefit from my services? ---------------------------

ElderCare Management of Indiana, PA, Inc. accepts referrals from a variety of sources:

Individuals or their family and friends who recognize a person's need for assistance with personal care, financial, medical, and social questions and problems will contact me for help. Relatives who live out of the Indiana, PA area who are concerned whether their loved ones are getting their nutritional, safety, financial, and medical needs met may contact me and request that I make an assessment of their family member's situation. Often I can make recommendations to the person and their family regarding local resources that are available to them which would improve and/or facilitate their independence. I can report my assessment and make my recommendations to the responsible party via telephone or letter mail or e-mail.

Also, ElderCare Management of Indiana, PA is available to transport, assist, and accompany a person to their doctor appointment to facilitate communication and understanding between that person and their doctor. This benefits the person in understanding what the doctor is ordering, and helps the doctor to more effectively treat his or her patient through better understanding and follow-through on the patient's part.

For working family members in or out of the area, this service prevents them from having to take time off work to attend to their family's medical appointments. They can be reassured that a professional nurse is there to ask the right questions and get the right information.

Attorneys and Bank Trust officers: You may have a concern that your aging client is having some difficulties with personal care or transportation, or with keeping appointments. You may notice a change in demeaner, personality, or memory, or mood. There may be a more serious underlying problem that should be investigated. A call to ElderCare Management of Indiana, PA could mean the beginning of an improved level of functioning and safety to your client.