What I Can Do for You ---------------------------

I can make a visit to your family members' home and make an assessment of their situation: home safety - are there hazards or repairs that need made? ability to function in their environment - are they comfortable, clean, well nourished, getting their groceries, able to get their meals and keep up with the housekeeping? Are their medical needs being met - are they keeping their doctor, dentist, podiatrist appointments, getting their regular lab work done, are they taking their medications correctly, and getting the prescriptions refilled? Are they eligible for any financial aid or government programs such as Supplemental Security Income, PACE, Property Tax/Rent Rebate, etc.? Are they keeping up with bill payments? Are they paying too much for utilities, being billed for things unnecessarily, or being exploited?

From this assessment I can develop a plan of care and make recommendations that may improve things for my clients and explain to them and to you, the concerned family member. I can contact various agencies and individuals that can assist in supporting my clients in their quest to remain independent. These recommendations may include: home delivered meals, home care agencies, arrangement for transportation, Aging Services, Inc., individuals who will work as caregivers and companions. I am very familiar with services and agencies available in Indiana County to aid in serving the needs of the elderly and disabled population and I'm always looking for anything new that may come into the area. I am used to "cutting through the red tape" and "speaking the language" of local governmental agencies and professionals - medical, financial, and legal.

A lot of times visits to doctors offices and diagnostic tests can be confusing to people. I can meet a client at these appointments and accompany them, explaining and interpreting in lay language what is happening and what the doctor's orders mean. I can follow up to make sure doctors' orders are being followed.

Also, with my qualifications as a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse, I am able to provide rehabilitation nursing services to supplement current in-patient or out-patient therapy or to continue the rehabilitation plan when insurances will no longer pay.